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    A Sprinkle Of Love

    At our Bakery, we create each product with best quality ingredients to ensure you enjoy your every occasion. Made for you just as if you were a member of our family, with a sprinkle of love.
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    Try our Award Winning Pumpkin Pecan Cupcakes

    Winner of the 2018 Fort Belvoir Fall Fest Cupcake award. This Cupcake is sure to be a hit.



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About Me

Hello, my name is Tonya and I love to bake.  This little adventure started at our home table where I made some goodies for my husband and our three children.  I found so much joy in brining just a little bit more sweetness into their life.  Later I started baking for my husbands army unit and his buddies.  Again, it was the joy that made this thing so special for me.  While my husband was deployed, I would actually send some goodies overseas, his commander would tell me later that It helped tremendously to bring a little bit of home to their deployment.  


It wasn’t until later my husband and kids told me that I should try and take my goodies to the public.  Now here I am.  At first I was a little bit hesitant, but my husband convinced me to start with some baking competitions.  Since that time my goodies have won countless awards including the 2018 Fort Belvoir, VA Fall Festival 1st Place Cupcake.  We were approached by a few vendors, but decided that baking is something that should come from the heart.  Your order is guaranteed to be fresh baked, to order and delivered, now that is what I call a sprinkle of love.  

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